About Twickenham Fest

Twickenham Fest is a premiere summer chamber music festival in Huntsville, Alabama. In 2010, co-founders Susanna Phillips and Matthew McDonald came together to bring the best young classical musicians to Huntsville.

Each year, the Fest invites Artists in Residence to engage students and adults in Engagement and Education events and perform concerts that are FREE to the public.

Twickenham Fest maintains a mission to make exceptional live classical music available to all. 

The Five Year Anniversary
Documentary - 2014

 Learn more about the Fest in the documentary below! In 2014, Twickenham Fest celebrated five years of music in Huntsville, AL with a special series of concerts, commissions and a special video about the Fest.

Documentary footage by Richard Wymark, API Productions, 2014. 

What's being said about Twickenham Fest?

"Robust, adventurous..." says Michael Huebner (The Birmingham News, AL.com) of the all-Schubert concert August, 30, 2013.

Read HERE the review of the 2013 Annual New Commission from composer Christopher Weiss. Michael Huebner writes:

"The composer's sparse-textured scoring released a flood of profound emotions, heightened by Matthew McDonald's plaintive bassoon solos and soprano Susanna Phillips' sensitive rendering of the text."